Public relations

Over the years Iconic Studios has grown into a full service PR agency for fashion, food, beauty, lifestyle, tech and music brands. We are experts on international public relations and develop innovative marketing strategies and campaigns. We are skillful builders and precise storytellers that cultivate awareness and engagement for our clients. We use a mix of modern day and traditional PR to achieve any business growth. Whatever your business needs are, with our integrated marketing communications programs we meet each client’s business needs.

Public relations | Iconic Studios


As a PR agency we keep close relationships with all media, both online and offline, consumer, fashion, lifestyle, music, trade press and online influencers. We enable this by using traditional and important PR basics alongside the service of creative tailor-made PR strategies to maximize the visibility and message of a brand. We understand press coverage and how it works. With our partnerships we can create a halo effect and amplify any brand reputation and visibility.

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PR strategy

With our creative brainstorm sessions we help our clients to define innovative and creative PR strategies for their brand. Our team is an interesting mix of PR managers with different backgrounds, which allows us to define a strategy that’s profound in all perspectives. A PR strategy should not only be creative but also realistic. No two clients or campaigns are alike. For us it’s all about customizing a campaign, creating the core messaging and then executing to perfection.

PR strategy | Iconic Studios

PR agency Amsterdam

Being a full-service PR agency, we believe in a strong and, above all, genuine bond between client, PR agency and recipient. A single, consistent source of messaging, offering a customised, carefully-crafted service. The result is high-quality content for each segment, both online and offline. Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness, become a thought leader, generate more leads or secure funding through PR. With our dedicated team of specialists, we are able to transcend brand stories to accompany our clients through multi-level, year-round storytelling, going far broader and deeper than a launch.