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Iconic Studios offers a full service internal event & production department which produces events for various (international) clients and brands. Having this in-house eases the communication and co-operation between PR and the production of PR related events. Any PR event creates an opportunity to showcase your brand, company, products or services to the right target audience.

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PR events

Sometimes a launch needs a PR event to capture the media’s attention. If you have a new product or service that needs launching, or you want to boost an existing brand, we ask the right questions to design and implement a creative and effective launch plan to secure your product or brand exposure. We always look at new and innovative ways to ensure we maximise the potential of any brand experience. We are involved from the beginning of the concept development and implementation through production until the final event and aftermath.

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Brand experience

Brand experience is all about creating a meaningful connection between your brand and audience. PR marketing events are all about that. Positive experiences facilitate deeper connections and inspire people. PR events create the perfect opportunity to have your audience actively engage with your brand’s identity. By designing and formulating a sensory user experience, a brand is able to create an impression in the visitor’s mind that will last longer than a regular advertisement would.

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PR events Amsterdam

Creative event design is at the heart of our work. We are well connected and aware of all the special and beautiful locations our city and country has to offer. Our team’s engagement and aim is to elevate and strengthen a brand through creation and implementation. Our expertise is to develop and implement events that bring your brand, the public and media together. We execute events that get the right media attention and target audiences directly and virally, attract key influencers and garner top media coverage. 

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