Music PR

Music PR is the process of creating a strategy to promote the material of an artist and their music to stimulate interest among the public, media and record companies to achieve recognition. Today's music industry is highly competitive and a well thought out campaign that understands all the fundamentals of music PR is crucial. Our main goal is to empower musicians and get them all the needed media coverage by using creative ideas and solid, focused media planning.

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Iconic Studios helps artists to connect with their audience by creating innovative and engaging campaigns. Our mission is to strengthen the position of musicians by developing a strategy to promote their music and live tours to the media. From publicity, brand partnerships, streaming growth (international) pr, influencers and magazines; a well put together campaign for artists that understands all the fundamentals of music promotion. Whether you are releasing a single, EP, album or music video: our personalized and effective campaigns are ideal for amplifying any of your messages.

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Music Festival PR

A carefully constructed music festival PR strategy can make a significant difference when it comes to generating awareness and building anticipation for an event. Over the years, we have been promoting many events of all different sizes and styles, delivering both niche and mainstream coverage. We love to stress the creative aspect of a campaign by building a story for festivals that drive ticket sales and their brand. These days, most festivals are not just about music only, they represent a lifestyle visitors can relate to. They want to be a part of the experience. Iconic Studios helps organizations to elevate a brand’s cultural and social status via creative and tactical partnerships.

Whether you are a seasoned events company or you’re an artist who is just getting started, a team who understands the way to get you the right and much needed media coverage is key. Over the years we’ve helped many festivals and artists to grow by using creative ideas and focussed media planning. 

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